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Makers & Local Businesses

01. Makers & Local Businesses

Sell your locally made products by opening up your own shop in the Great Lakes Made 24/7 online marketplace trade show.

02. Worldwide Brands

Get your brand in front of engaged Great Lakes Region shoppers, sellers, and retailers through Great Lakes Made Brand Studio. Sponsors and Advertisers from anywhere in the world are welcome to utilize our platform to connect with the region. 

03. Creative Team

Our motivated team is here to help sellers build their brands through copywriting, design, development, and digital marketing through Great Lakes Made Brand Studio.

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If you operate in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Ohio, Ontario, Pennsylvania, or Wisconsin then you can sell in the Great Lakes Made online marketplace. We include the entire state/province.

Advertise & Sponsor

We provide businesses around the world with Great Lakes Made Brand Studio. The ultimate platform to advertise and target Great Lakes Region shoppers, sellers, and retailers.


Grow your brand with our creative team and build your own website with the Great Lakes Made Website Builder.

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Getting Started

Opportunities for Growth in the Great Lakes Region

If you sell products or services then you need to sign up to become a vendor on our platform. You must be located within Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Ohio, Ontario, Pennsylvania, or Wisconsin. We include the entire state/province.


You can easily import products from other marketplaces with our easy Shopify Importer, Etsy Importer, and CSV importer. Shopify and Etsy products take time to be manually imported through our API so please allow 24-48 hours. Listing is completely free because our goal is to help brands grow in the Great Lakes Region. You will only pay us a small commission when you make a sale.


Commission rates are the same regardless of your membership plan. There is a 5% marketplace commission fee given to Great Lakes Made when you make a sale. After you sign up to become a vendor, you will be directed to the plan page to choose the option that best fits your goals.


Verified Unique Badges help makers and local business stand out from the crown by rewarding them for originality.

As soon as you’ve been verified as a seller of products or services in the Great Lakes Region, then you can start listing products on the marketplace and claim your Verified Unique Badge for free.

Great Lakes Made Brand Studio is the enterprise solution for corporations and small businesses from around the world to get the opportunity to market their brand in front of a niche targeted audience in the Great Lakes Region. The audience includes engaged shoppers, sellers, and retailers. If you own a brand then get started with Sponsorships & Advertising today.

Great Lakes Made Ads Manager gives businesses a self-service advertising platform in the marketplace. Brands advertise in our search results, listing pages, articles, and in the marketplace.

Social Media PPC & Content Advertising provides display ad services and copywriting to retarget our audience on social media, newsletters, and blog articles to help you get Great Lakes Region customers to your business.

Sponsorships enable brands from anywhere in the world the opportunity to display their logo prominently in the logo carousel on nearly every page of the marketplace. Each logo generates engagement from our customers because when it is clicked, customers are provided with a coupon/deal/discount from the sponsor. 

Pop-ups launch when a customer hovers over the logo carousel and clicks the logo. It has the capability to load a video, article, podcast, Instagram gallery, call-to-action, lead generation form, or special customization along with their special offer.

Deals & Offers page is provided for customers to shop a filter coupons from worldwide sponsors. Customers can filter by industry, category, location, and more.

Sponsors and advertisers from anywhere in the world. Exclusions may apply. Contact to find out if you are eligible.

Retailers have the opportunity to buy in bulk from any participating vendor in the marketplace. Sign up to start buying from Great Lakes Region sellers by becoming a Wholesale Shopper. Buy safely and securely from over 100 vendors all in one place.

Note: You must be logged out of your customer or seller account in order to register and sign in as a wholesale customer.

Great Lakes Made Brand Studio offers digital marketing services and exclusive discounts to Great Lakes Region businesses. As long as you’re in the marketplace you can get access to business growth tools that will skyrocket your profit.

Get assistance with your display campaigns on the Great Lakes Made Ads Manager, social media retargeting campaigns, Google display ad retargeting campaigns, press releases, and more.

For an affordable rate, our creative team is accessible to you for copywriting, press releases, design, content creation, social media marketing, web design/development, PPC, SEO, and more. Contact to get a quote.


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