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Helping Unique Ideas Flourish

Our goal is to help protect unique concepts by verifying them as original so you can display them prominently knowing that your prospective customers are aware that your concept is unique.

The New & Affordable Way to Protect Your Ideas

Website Widget

Selector button Widget code developed to easily copy and paste into your website.

Authorized Signature

Each badge includes an authorized signature from a Great Lakes Made agent to insure that the badge is authentic.


Badges create exposure for your unique concept and will help your ideas prosper.

Print Formats

PDF, PNG, & JPG formats provided for commercial use on marketing materials.

QR Code Add-on

Syncs your badge directly to your verified registry.


Badges are intended to help shoppers discover the original so you can get paid for your unique concept.

Customize Your Badge

Authorized Signature

Authorized Signature + QR

✓ Protect your unique work & ideas

Build awareness for your place, event, or service

$20 annual subscription

per business, artist, maker, service, place, or store

$5 annual subscription

per product, artwork, or event


Become a vendor on the marketplace and get a free 2019 badge

Limited time offer. Exclusions may apply. Contact for details.

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