The Colorful World of Paige Ressor

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Through the arts of painting, activism, and teaching, Paige Reesor is truly a force of good. Her famous works are heavily inspired by nature and travel, which has taken her all over the United States!

More than that, Paige participates in many community programs for art, children, and education, leading her down a path of compassion and helping her to meet people from all over!

We hope you love the art we’ve posted here from Paige’s Instagram because we sure do!

How did you first become an artist? When did you know that you wanted to make art professionally?

“I have been an artist all my life. I remember as a young child that I wanted to create and perfect drawing. I always knew I wanted to be an artist and share my talents with everyone, which is also why I am a middle school art teacher. I love giving back to my community, and what better way of doing that than teaching our youth? I knew I always wanted to balance my art and teaching career together,”.

What were some of the first pieces that you ever made?

“As a child, I remember trying to copy the masters like Picasso, Monet, Da Vinci, Dali, VanGogh, etc. I had a sketch book full of these drawings and paintings. My mom had to create a craft table for me, as my creativity would adventure onto the walls of the house. She helped foster my creativity and exploration as a child,” says Paige.

“The first pieces I started to sell professionally were during my student teaching internship.  Most of them were bright colors of celebrities and political figures,”.

What are some of the things you like most about art and what you do?

“It connects us as humans. We are who we are today as a species through creating art. It is a conversation starter and brings new ideas to the table!”

What’s next for you, moving forward?

“Education, Art, and political/community involvement have always been at the center of my artwork,” says Reesor. “What is next for me? I am going to keep growing as an educator and artist, being the best teacher I can be both inside and outside of the classroom for my students.”

Thank you, Paige, for letting us interview you and showcase your amazing, jaw-dropping art! We hope to see a lot more of you soon!


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